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We have a ton of interest from brokerages around the state interested in becoming a shareholder and participant of Greater Southern MLS.

They want to join us so they win more listing presentations with the promise of promoting a property to REALTORS® and their clients from around the state and around the country. In fact, broker shareholders that are part of Greater Southern MLS now represent nearly 50% of all transactions in the New Orleans area and over 40% of all transactions statewide, representing over 5,000 agents.

Click HERE to see which brokers from all over the state are now shareholders of Greater Southern MLS.

You CAN have your transaction history in Greater Southern MLS
As we have spoken to many brokers, some have expressed concerns about losing the brokerage’s transaction history housed in the company’s current MLS organization. Their concern is that all of the transactions they have completed around the state will be lost if they join a new MLS. NAR Policy has addressed that concern completely.

NAR Policy now requires every MLS to provide a brokerage with a copy of their own listing content and history via a data feed that can be entered into Greater Southern MLS.

The NAR rule, nicknamed the “MyDX” Policy, allows every broker the right to receive a copy of their MLS transaction history to use as they see fit. This ONLY includes the individual broker’s transaction history, NOT the entire MLS data set.

This new ruling that went into effect on January 1, 2021, which requires every MLS to provide a brokerage with a copy of their transaction history. The Broker Transaction History can be used to populate ANY technology like accounting, market analysis, marketing packages, etc. The new rules officially called “Right of Participant to MLS Data Feed of Listing Content” can also be used to populate any MLS with a brokerage’s transaction history.

For those that would like to join Greater Southern MLS, this means that you can bring your transaction history with you. You simply request a “Broker feed”, “Broker Back office Feed” or simply point to NAR’s Rule 8.3 that requires an MLS to provide you with a copy of your own history from your current MLS and they are required to provide it for you.

They cannot approve or deny your request based on your intended use of the data. It is YOUR history to do with as you see fit. In fact, it is not even necessary to share with them what you will be using Your OWN transaction history for.

If you would like to see the full detail of all of the MLS Changes enacted recently, you can click HERE.
‍If you would like to see a video describing the MLS Policy Changes you can click HERE to watch the video. The “MyDX” policy is discussed started at 48:27 in the video.

Below is the actual language for the NAR Policy Statement 8.3:

(New) MLS Policy Statement 8.3, Right of Participant to MLS Data Feed of Listing Content

A Multiple Listing Service must, upon request, promptly provide an MLS Participant (or the Participant’s designee) a data feed containing, at minimum, all active MLS listing content input into the MLS by or on behalf of the Participant and all of the Participant’s off-market listing content available in the MLS system. The delivery charges for the Participant’s listing content shall be reasonably related to the actual costs incurred by the MLS. The data feed must be in compliance with the RESO Standards as provided for in MLS Policy Statement 7.90.

Note: MLSs will not limit the use of the Participant’s listing content by the Participant or the Participant’s designee. (Adopted 5/20)

If you would like to become a shareholder and participant of Greater Southern MLS, please email us at  we will be happy to answer your questions and get you set up as soon as possible.
NABOR and SWLAR are Shareholders of Greater Southern MLS
NABOR and SWLAR have joined Greater Southern MLS and are now a shareholder of Greater Southern MLS just like brokers. Every Association is welcome to join Greater Southern MLS and offer Greater Southern MLS technologies and services to its members.

If you would like to join Greater Southern MLS, you can go to SWLAR or NABOR and get an MLS Only subscription. For a limited time, there is no set up fees, just a low monthly subscription.

 Here are the links to join Greater Southern MLS:


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