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Homesnap: Share on Facebook

It’s easy to share your Homesnap app on Facebook and increase your chances for new leads! Follow these steps to share the app to your personal or business Facebook pages.

Facebook personal page from mobile device #

Tap on the Homesnap app on your mobile device.

  1. Tap on the Me tab at the bottom right
  2. Select Invite
  3. Select Share
  4. Select Share on Facebook
    1. Androids: For additional sharing options tap Choose Another
    1. iOS/Apple: For additional sharing options tap the “Share” icon (box with an up arrow)
  5. Write your caption, and then tap Post

Remember, this posts to your personal Facebook page. To post to your business page, see steps below.

Post to Facebook business page from desktop #

Sharing your Homesnap app to your Facebook Business page requires you to begin from your desktop.

Log into on your desktop.

  1. Select Me at the top right
  2. Select My Homesnap
  3. Click the Invite Clients button or select from the “My Shortcuts” list
  4. Right click to copy the link
  5. Open your Facebook business page and select Create Post
  6. Right click, paste the link,add your caption, and click Post

Remember, this posts to your business Facebook page. To post to your personal page, see the steps at the top of this article.