Realist: Updates 11/02/2022

Table of Contents

Here are the latest Realist Tax enhancement and bug fixes, effective 11/02/2022.

Enhancement #

A new Feedback button has been added to let users provide feedback directly to Realist. A survey will pop up when the user clicks on the Feedback button. Information from these surveys will help Realist improve their overall product and performance.

Bug Fixes #

  • The formatting for the “Wildfire Risk Score” definitions has been corrected so that it no longer cuts off on the summary page.
  • The Summary section of the Hazard report will now print even when users minimize the Summary section on their screen.
  • Realist received reports about a property that could not be located while users conducted a specific address search within the MLS area. This issue has been fixed.
  • The Search attribute has been fixed so that users can now search using the “Foreclosure Indicator” attribute.
  • Street names on the Realist flood map have been redesigned to be more legible.
  • Previously, the “Wildfire Risk” section on Realist reports had erroneously displayed “Crime Risk” as its title. This has been corrected, and the title now displays properly.
  • APN (Assessor Parcel Number) formatting has been corrected and now displays properly.
  • Realist has repaired the “include” search operation. It now functions properly.
  • A property detail report will now display the most severe flood zone if a property is located within 250 feet of multiple flood zones.