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About Greater Southern MLS

Greater Southern MLS is about Service Support Education

About Us

Formed by a group of progressive brokerages from around Louisiana, Greater Southern MLS’s goal is to create a statewide collaboration of Associations around the state all offering one single Multiple Listing Service. The vision of one statewide MLS is designed to make it easier for REALTORS® around Louisiana to greatly expand marketing opportunities for every listing while saving money on redundant MLS dues.

Like the six other states that have created statewide Multiple Listing Services, Greater Southern MLS’ goal is to create one set of rules and regulations, one set of forms, and one expanded data feed to give every brokerage a chance to succeed.

The organization is offering 15 technologies to support agents in nationwide listing exposure and lead generation, highly effective listing presentations, client prospecting tools, efficient showing appointments, online transaction processing and many other tools to help agents be successful with Virtual Selling.

Greater Southern MLS also includes FREE data feeds for brokerages to fuel their websites and other online technologies.
Greater Southern MLS is broker-led. Greater Southern MLS services are available through local Louisiana real estate associations.

Greater Southern MLS is Available through Southwest Louisiana Association of REALTORS® and Northshore Area Board of REALTORS®

Greater Southern MLS is currently available from the Southwest Louisiana Association of REALTORS® and Northshore Area Board of REALTORS®.

Every participating Greater Southern MLS brokerage around the state is eligible to become a shareholder. Every brokerage, regardless of number of offices, agents, brands or transactions is eligible to purchase one share to ensure that every participating brokerage has an equal vote and equal voice in the organization.

Greater Southern MLS is managed by brokers equally representing small, mid-sized and large brokerages and representing several markets around the state.

The Southwest Louisiana Association of REALTORS® is the first Association distribution partner for Greater Southern MLS. 

The Northshore Area Board of REALTORS® is the latest Association distribution partner to join Greater Southern MLS. 

Our Mission

Create an MLS that arms and supports REALTORS®
with tools, support, and service to be relevant, productive and profitable.

Our Goals

Our Principles

Customer-centric organization

Improve data quality and simplify training with 1 set of rules and regulations

Simplify setting up listings with 1 source for data input

Cooperative and professional data support

Adapt quickly to market changes

Highly responsive leadership and staff

Simplify approval/deployment of data services

Reduce costs for agents

Expand marketing exposure of listings

Next Steps...

If you are a broker who believes in cooperation with other firms to make significant improvements in MLS services offered to our agents, please contact us for information about joining this initiative.

Our governance is structured to give equal representation to small, medium, and large firms.

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