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Citation Review Request Form

Citation Review Request Form

Fields marked with * are required.

Agent Information:
Broker Information (if same as agent, leave blank):

Please read the following carefully and be sure to check each box prior to signing and submitting this form to Greater Southern MLS.
8.) Signature - By typing your name below, you are advising GSMLS of the following:
I hereby declare that all information and statements contained herein are true and correct to the best of my knowledge.
I hereby declare that I have read all sections and sub-sections outlined above and understand the information presented to me within this Citation Review form.

I Agree to all the following:
    a. I elect that my Request for a Citation Review bypass the Normal GSMLS Citation review procedure and instead proceed to a full Hearing held at my local Association/Board pursuant to the Manual.
    b. In accordance with the Manual, I hereby accept any offers from my Association/Board for a Hearing on this Request.
    c. I understand and agree that the Decision on this Request will not be made by GSMLS, but by my Association/Board, by way of a full evidentiary Professional Standards hearing (“Hearing”).
    d. I understand and agree that if my Association/Board renders a Decision finding that I violated any MLS rule, I will be assessed a $200 Hearing Fee (“Hearing Fee”), which will be an additional cost above and beyond any Citation fine amount or other discipline assessed in the Decision.
    e. I understand that unless and until a Decision occurs, I am not required to pay any Hearing Fee to GSMLS.
    f. I understand and agree that if a Decision is made that confirms that I violated any GSMLS rule, then I will pay the Hearing Fee to GSMLS , and that the Hearing Fee will be split equally between GSMLS and my Association/Board to defer the costs incurred as a result of this Citation Review.
    g. I acknowledge and agree that failure to pay the Hearing Fee by the applicable due date set forth in the Decision will result in my suspension from the MLS.