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Class Description

Greater Southern MLS Class Descriptions


What do athletes, chess champions, and the best real estate professionals have in common? Pros don’t get to the top on talent alone. They have dedicated support teams and use top-of-the-line tech and expertise to push them to their best.

Greater Southern MLS is your support team. With 7-day-a-week support, training, and no-cost product solutions to help you with everything from lead generation to follow-up and more, you too can push your real estate business to new heights.

Learn about the state-of-the-art product solutions you have access to through Greater Southern MLS and how you can start using them today!


Did you know you can use Cloud CMA, Realist, and even Matrix to find new clients? Learn this and other “secrets” in this course:

  • How to reverse prospect to find interested consumers
  • How to wow clients and prospective leads with InfoSparks Market Analysis
  • How to show off your 40+ million consumer marketing reach with Homesnap, ListHub, and more!


Start closing sales by mastering the basics of your MLS system. This course will introduce you to the various products and services that will help you effectively navigate your real estate career. Whether you are a new real estate professional, getting back into the business from a break, or need a refresher on Greater Southern MLS-related basics, this is the course for you.

You will learn to perform search techniques, print, and e-mail listings, set up client information in the Greater Southern MLS Matrix platform, and much more.


Creating a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) presentation for your clients and potential clients is one of the most crucial competencies a real estate professional can demonstrate. Land your next listing with a professional, high-quality Greater Southern MLS Matrix CMA.

In this class, we will educate you on the following:

  • How to create/save/modify a CMA presentation
  • How to create a buyer and seller net sheet
  • How to use Map Search
  • Keyword search techniques
  • How to search by date


Knowing how to properly set up the features available in Greater Southern MLS Matrix will help improve your engagement and client relationships. The first step to closing is getting in touch, and Greater Southern MLS Matrix assists you in managing client information to your benefit.

In this class, we will cover the following topics:

  • How to set up contacts
  • How to set up auto emails for clients to receive new listings that match their criteria
  • How to preview your clients’ emails to see what listings they have received
  • How to view and manage a customer and agent portal
  • How to set up saved searches and favorite searches


Learn to quickly discover the listings your clients want to see using the Greater Southern MLS Matrix platform. You’ll learn search techniques and tricks for locating listings, how to use a map search for location-centered clients, how to email and print properties directly from the search results, and more. With these tools, you’ll turn your searches into closings.


Learn how to navigate through Matrix expertly, saving time and boosting your response rate with clients. See how you can use advanced search techniques to target specific listings that fit your clients’ criteria, increasing the likelihood that they’ll want to see – and buy! – the properties you put in front of them.

You will learn:

  • Keyword searching techniques
  • Date-specific searching
  • Map searching techniques
  • Matrix IDX and how it can drive more leads to you


Listing in Greater Southern MLS is critical to your professional success. Use this course to learn how to navigate your listings with confidence. Hone your experience with listing input, modification, and maintenance, and improve your familiarity with the GSMLS Rules and Regulations.

This course will cover:

  • How to add and modify a listing, including images and supplements
  • How to create an open house
  • Ensuring your listings are comprehensive and accurate, and avoid violations to ensure quality data for everyone
  • An overview of sites that will feature and promote your listings, including Matrix, Homesnap Pro, ListHub, and more!


Cloud CMA is an online comparative market analysis (CMA) report generator. Generate comprehensive, informative, personalized, and eye-catching reports for your buyers and sellers. This class will teach you how to use this Cloud Agent Suite product to generate CMAs, buyer tours, single property reports, and property flyers.


Capture leads and collaborate with clients on the Homes Pro app (formerly Homesnap), powered by, one of the highest-traffic real estate consumer search platforms.

With the Homes Pro app, you have tools for collaboration and building your business, with recent improvements to the saved searches, feedback options, and activity reports on your clients.

This class will cover:

  • Getting started with your Homes Pro account
  • Accessing your Homes Pro account on desktop and mobile
  • How to search for listings 
  • Using collaboration tools with your clients and other agents 
  • And more


Translate local geographical information and housing variables into striking visual communication with InfoSparks. Customize your data reporting in a way that clients will understand and trust. This class teaches you how to use this tidy, easy-to-understand, and fully integrated interface with GSMLS Matrix.


The more data you can crunch, the more sales you can convert. Realist Tax delivers in-depth data on properties across Louisiana and cutting-edge technology that provides agents and brokers with the perspective necessary to identify, understand, and act based on that data. The all-new version of Realist is faster, responsive, and no longer requires Adobe Flash.

In this class, you will learn about Realist’s powerful and flexible capabilities, such as:

  • Reliable, in-depth property data and local market information
  • Customization, including integrated and advanced mapping
  • Professional, customizable reports


Stand apart from the crowd with this all-in-one research platform built to help you share property and market info with clients. Create impressively branded market reports in minutes by entering a subject property. Impress your clients with RPR’s comprehensive data, powerful analytics, and dynamic reports on over 160 million properties in the United States – not to mention a reach of over 1 million agents and their clients around the country.

REALTORS® Property Resource® provides in-depth property and market information, including school reports, historical data, and geographic details like flood maps, heat maps, and more. Learn everything you need to know about using RPR to wow your clients to the close.


ShowingTime takes the hassle out of scheduling property showings once and for all. It saves you the valuable time you’d otherwise spend scheduling appointments with full MLS integration, 24/7 system access, and instant appointment confirmation.

In this class, you will learn how to:

  • Schedule showings within Greater Southern MLS
  • Instantly confirm appointments
  • Use ShowingTime two-way texting
  • Access the system from a phone, desktop, or mobile device