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Analytics for your Listings


Monitor your Listing Stats – No Matter Where your Listings Appear Online. 

Benefits: How does ListTrac Help You?

  • Measure the online success of your listings by viewing the number of leads generated, views, times a listing is shared and other metrics.
  • Determine if changes need to be made to a listing based on listing views and other metrics.
  • Send your seller a well-designed, professional report so they can see their listing’s online performance.
  • Gain other insights that can help you market your listings more effectively!

How Does ListTrac Work?

Greater Southern MLS and ListTrac have partnered with many real estate websites and IDX vendors to implement the tracking code that is needed to monitor your listings.

What If I Don't See a Website I Know My Listing Is On?

There are certainly more website vendors that still need to add the code. If you do not see your website represented in ListTrac, please email ListTrac at to see when your site’s metrics will show up.

Interested in learning more about ListTrac?