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Infosparks - FastStats
Display Market Reports in Seconds

InfoSparks Market Statistics

Make market analysis easy for your clients with crisp and interactive graphics!

Your clients need market analysis that they can understand to help make big decisions regarding buying and selling. InfoSparks can customize reports for relevant metrics and define the variables that are important to your clients. Plus, compare multiple geographical areas at once through a variety of parameters.

As a GSMLS user, you have access to both InfoSparks reports and those of its expansion, MarketView.

MarketView expands the capabilities of InfoSparks to include reporting of agent, broker, and firm variables. Emphasize your expertise, knowledge, and sales activity by ranking these variables and comparing your performance to other professionals and firms, locally and regionally.

Desktop and mobile ready, InfoSparks’s market analysis reports present in colorful, sleek, easy-to-read charts and graphs for your clients. Share with them effortlessly via email, social media, or print, and embed live-updating statistics on your website or blog. Advanced users can also collect data raw in CSV format.

FastStats is a tidy, map-based interface that displays all reports in one location. Simply select from a drop-down menu or from a map of a region and you can generate a report right away. It includes:

  • Local Market Updates
  • Monthly Indicators
  • Annual Report (coming soon).

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