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Did you know that including a floor plan can increase clicks on your listing by 52%?1 Floor plans are among clients’ most sought-after listing information. 


You’re able to create property floor plans quickly, accurately, and easily using just your mobile device with CubiCasa, now available for all Greater Southern MLS users. 




CubiCasa offers user-friendly tools for creating floor plans of your listed properties. Simply download the app to your phone, then use your phone to scan a walkthrough of the property. CubiCasa will take the data from your scan and, within 24 hours2, convert it to a floor plan you can easily upload onto the MLS.


You can access CubiCasa from your REcenterhub dashboard. 


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Navigate to your complete list of user applications by clicking the plus (‘+’) icon on the right hand side of your dashboard and locate the CubiCasa tile. Clicking it will take you to CubiCasa’s site, where you’ll be able to set up an account. Don’t forget to click the star icon under the tile to add it to your favorite dashboard tiles.


Training Video Here

If you would like to learn all about CubiCasa, you can watch this 30- minute video here


Free In-Office Training for CubiCasa

If you would like a Greater Southern MLS Technology Trainer to come to your office and train your agents how to shoot a FREE floor in less than 10 minutes, contact us here:


If you have any questions about CubiCasa feel free to call us at 1 877 760-0173.  


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