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Wow, we have seen such a positive response from so many of you!

Brokers of all sizes, geographies, and brands are joining Greater Southern MLS daily! 7 of the top 8 Brokers in New Orleans and nearly 50% of transactions, 100% of the brokers in Lake Charles, 65% of the brokers on the North Shore, and more than 50% of the transaction volume in Lafayette are shareholders in Greater Southern MLS Now. And the numbers grow daily! Greater Southern MLS brokers represent close to 50% of all transactions across the state and nearly 6,000 agents! You can see all the brokerages that are now shareholders HERE.

Why are so many brokers joining every day??

There are a few simple reasons:

1. There is Strength in Numbers

Every time you turn on your computer, we are all seeing multi-billion-dollar companies buying up the core tools used by Brokers and MLSs. Venture Capitalists and Billionaires are buying up the industry and are getting more powerful. They could take us out at any minute! Brokers believe there’s strength in numbers working together across the state!

2. Broker Profitability is getting hit from all sides!

Brokers are getting hit with eroding commissions, bigger commission splits, and ever-increasing technology and operating costs. They are looking for an MLS that gets them statewide and nationwide listing exposure without spending thousands on data feeds. With just one low monthly fee, Brokers and agents can expand listing exposure from hundreds of agents in their local market to thousands!

3. Brokers Want to help Their Agents Generate Business Opportunities 

Every broker wants to help every one of their agents succeed. They like Greater Southern MLS because it offers an impressive suite of tools to generate statewide and nationwide business opportunities for their Residential, New Builds, Rentals and Commercial properties.  

4. Brokers want an MLS that Listens and Responds Quickly to their Needs

An MLS run by brokers and progressive Associations responds quickly to market changes. Every Greater Southern MLS Shareholder is invited to a monthly meeting where policies, new products, market changes and emerging market needs are discussed. Every shareholder has the opportunity to be actively engaged in shaping their own MLS they own!

5. Everybody WINS and gets a piece of the profit!

While Greater Southern MLS wants to keep prices as low as possible and provide the best tech, service, support and training it can, it also wants to encourage every agent and broker to become a part of the Greater Southern MLS Marketing Network of professionals. When the company is profitable, the Board of Directors will allocate payments to EVERY agent and broker who participates in Greater Southern MLS!  

Become a user of Greater Southern MLS today! Join us through our participating Associations, SWLAR or NABOR. If you are not already a member of SWLAR or NABOR, you do NOT need to join them in order to get access to Greater Southern MLS. There is an MLS-Only subscription available. With MLS of Choice, you do NOT need to join your local MLS any longer. You can join whichever MLS or MLSs best meet your needs. 

Become a shareholder for a one-time fee of $500 and you earn have the right to serve on the Board of Managers, and to shape the organizations via monthly shareholder input sessions. Please email us at and we will send you the paperwork.

Welcome Aboard!


Webb Jay
Broker, Webb Jay and Associates
President, Greater Southern MLS


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