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Greater Southern MLS, the broker-led MLS has made some great progress since it launched 6 months ago.

Brokers want to join forces to simplify

Brokers from around the state looking for a simpler way to provide business opportunities for their agents have become shareholders and are joining Greater Southern MLS.

Over 40% of Listings Statewide Represented by Greater Southern MLS shareholders now

The list of shareholders has grown significantly since the program began, now representing over 40% of the agents and listings throughout Louisiana. Here’s a link to the ever-growing list of participating organizations. Every brokerage, no matter what size, number of agents, number of transactions can only buy 1 share of stock so that no brand, company, or region can dominate the direction of Greater Southern MLS. Every participating Association can also purchase 1 share as well.

Why are so many brokers becoming a part of Greater Southern MLS?

Because they see the advantages of one listing input source, one set of rules and regs, and one easy way to promote their listings to a much larger audience of REALTORS® and Home buyers and sellers. They like that Greater Southern MLS operates like a business, making decisions quickly based on the ever-changing needs of real estate professionals and their clients. 

MLS of Choice Allows you to join ANY MLS you like, NOT just the one offered by your local Association

‍Historically, we have all believed that we had to join the MLS that was attached to our primary Association membership. That is NOT the case any longer thanks to the “MLS of Choice” policy NAR enacted in 2018.

NAR’s MLS of Choice policy allows any broker to subscribe to ANY MLS they choose REGARDLESS of which Association the broker belongs to.

Click on the image below to watch the video highlighting the details of the MLS of Choice Policy- simply stated, the decision to purchase your Association services and your MLS services are SEPARATE buying decisions

Here’s what the MLS of Choice policy allows you to do:

You can become a subscriber of ANY MLS across the state. You do not HAVE to join the local MLS or MLS dues to your local MLS if you find another MLS you prefer instead.  Conversely, you do not need to leave your local MLS to participate in an additional MLS around the state.

It is NOT a requirement that you purchase your MLS services from the same organization where you purchase your Association services. Any broker can decide which MLS or MLSs they would like to subscribe to.

NAR enacted this rule 3 years ago to give every broker the option to join the MLS or group of MLSs they felt best met the needs of their brokerage. You are welcome to join any MLS or multiple MLSs across the state, NOT just the one connected to your Association.

Once you join Greater Southern MLS, all of your agents from around the state, regardless of which association they belong to, can also subscribe to Greater Southern MLS. You will need to get a letter of good standing from their primary MLS and then you have the flexibility to join any MLS or MLSs you believe serves the best interests of your brokerage and your agents.

Today, SWLAR and NABOR both offer subscriptions to Greater Southern MLS. Both organizations are offering “MLS Only” subscriptions. You do NOT need to become a member of SWLAR or NABOR to join Greater Southern MLS if you are not currently a member of either of those organizations. You also do not need to LEAVE the Association where you live, work and worship. Greater Southern MLS is a completely separate buying decision from your Association membership.

We welcome you to join the ever-growing number of Greater Southern MLS brokers and agents to help live the dream of one set of MLS fees to gain access, listing exposure, leads and referral from fellow REALTORS® across the state and beyond!

To join Greater Southern MLS, you can go to SWLAR or NABOR and sign up today!

Here are the links to join Greater Southern MLS:



If you would like to learn more about becoming a shareholder or participant of Greater Southern MLS, reach out to us at and we’ll send you the paperwork.


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