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Entering a Non-Listed Property as a Comparable

Section 1.03 No Cooperation Listing. If the seller in writing refuses to permit the property listing to be marketed or advertised as defined by Rule 1.01, and also instructs the Listing Broker to not disseminate the listing in the MLS , the Listing Broker shall obtain a written instruction from the seller instructing the Listing Broker to do no marketing or advertising and refuses to authorize the listing to be disseminated by the MLS. The instruction shall include an advisory to seller that, in keeping the listing off the MLS, the Owner understands and acknowledges that (a) real estate brokers and managing brokers from another real estate office who have access to the MLS, their buyer and tenant client, may not be aware that Owner’s Property is offered for sale or lease; (b) information about Owner’s Property will not be transmitted by Greater Southern MLS to various real estate internet sites used by the public to search for property listings; and (c) real estate brokers, managing brokers and members of the public may be unaware of the terms and conditions under which Owner is marketing the Property.

This guide will show you how to enter a non-listed property as a comparable in the Greater Southern MLS Matrix X system.

To enter a Non-Listed property in the MLS for comparable purposes, start by clicking on the Add/Edit tab, and click Add New.

Select the applicable form. For this example, we will select Residential – Non-Listed Sold.

Enter the listing using the Fill From Tax, Copy My Listing, or Start with a blank Listing option.

In this example we are using the Fill From Tax option. Select the County/Parish, enter the Parcel # or Address, and then click the Search button.

Click the Fill option to the left of the property.

If you need to modify the search for pre-existing Realist Tax records, click Revise Search.

Enter all required and applicable fields in each tab. When finished, click Submit Listing.

Note that when you submit this listing, Matrix X will mark the status as Closed.

You will see the screen below (the Listing Input Succeeded screen), which confirms that you have successfully added the listing.