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Realist: Updates and Bug Fixes 02/23/2022

Here are the latest Realist enhancement and bug fixes, effective 02/23/2022.

Enhancements #

CLIP IDs now appear on Realist reports

CLIP (CoreLogic Identifier of Property) is an easy-to-use and persistent ID that provide the same link back to a property record for all of CoreLogic’s data assets, including data from assessors, transactions, and listings. All available reports will now include a property’s CLIP ID in the header section. In the future, Realist will add the ability to search for properties by CLIP ID.

Bug Fixes #

Direct Property Search – Error Message (Backend) #

Issue: Realist displays an error message when a search returns no records.

Fixed: Realist will now display a “No Record Found” message for these searches.

Missing Sell Score Values #

Issue: Properties and parcels in Realist client reports were missing Sell Score values.

Fixed: This issue was related to the Realist database; we have fixed the underlying issue.

Realist API – Searches ignored unit numbers #

Issue: Users reported instances where their search results ignored unit numbers, even when they included them in their search terms.

Fixed: We have fixed the API issue. Searches now properly return results when you include a unit number in your search.

Default property images do not display in map popups in cases without MLS photos #

Issue: Map popups for properties without MLS photos do not show default icons as intended.

Fixed: Default images now appear on the parcel card.

Users are unable to print photos after navigating to Reports from the Saved Properties page #

Issue: When you navigate to the property details page from the Saved Properties page, you are unable to print MLS photos.Fixed: You can now print MLS photos after moving between these pages