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Matrix Update 08/11/2021

Table of Contents

The GSMLS Matrix system will update with these enhancements and bug fixes effective August 11, 2021.


My Search Default in Realist – Sell Score Search

The Sell Score Search attribute will now appear within the default search template.

“Is Between” is now the default search operator for Sell Score.

Realist Report Footer – Symbols allowed in text box

The Realist report footer now allows these special characters: ®© & . ,- /

Bug Fixes #

Issue: Usage report missing data for Market Trends report and Neighborhood Profile.

Fix: We have fixed this issue.

Issue: Users reported seeing a blank screen when navigating from a Comparable report page to the User Preferences screen and then back to a Comparable report page.

Fix: We have fixed this issue.

Issue: Clients reported that flood maps are no longer showing coloring for AE/A flood zone designations.

Fix: We have fixed this issue and ensured that AE/A flood zone designations are now properly color coded.

Issue: On grid, the Foreclosure Stage Indicator and MLS Listing Indicator don’t sort properly.

Fix: We have fixed this issue.

Issue: Foreclosure indicator flag and MLS listing indicator flags are not showing up on PDF templates.

Fix: This was an issue with the PDF template, which we have resolved.