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Matrix Update Bug Fixes 08/31/2021

The Greater Southern MLS Matrix system will update with these bug fixes effective August 31, 2021.

Authentication       #

Issue: Users with a blank email address would get an error in Matrix and were unable to use the system.

Fixed: We have fixed this issue.

Email  #

Issue: Matrix would not acknowledge email resubscribe requests.

Fixed: We have fixed this issue.

Auto Email   #

Issue: Deleting an Auto Email from the Email History page resulted in an error.

Fixed: We have fixed this issue.

Auto Recovery        #

Issue: Users encountered issues when loading an autosaved listing.

Fixed: We have fixed this issue.

360 CMA       #

Issue: When users added a custom linked field on the “Subject” step of the CMA wizard, they reported that the associated value for the subject property was not populating.

Issue: If a user generated a list of 20 comps via the “Find Comparable Properties” button and sorted the list, the search criteria used to find those comps would disappear and the user would be unable to retrieve it.

Issue: If a property is not in the 360Property table, clicking the “Find Comparable Properties” button will now result in a friendly error message. Previously, the system would display a list of 20 random, non-comparable properties.

Fixed: We have fixed these issues.

Fixed: If the user’s security group does not have access to “Matrix 360 Property”, the filter menu on the “My CMAs” page will no longer display “Matrix 360 Property” as an option.

Add/Edit        #

Issue: Users reported an error if they attempted to continue editing an incomplete listing which had been auto saved in the user’s prior session.

Fixed: We have resolved this issue.

Supplements           #

Issue: A Matrix issue was causing downloaded PDF supplements to save with generic file names instead of the correct file name.

Fixed: We have resolved this issue.