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Please reach out to support at (877) 760-0173 if you’re experiencing any issues logging into your dashboard.

Narrow and Discard

Description: At the bottom of your search results screen, click the REFINE button. You will find NARROW and DISCARD buttons in the blue bar. You can use these to help refine your search results.

Narrow: As you go through your search results, there may be only certain ones you want to keep. Click the check box next to each listing you want to keep. Click the NARROW button. This will remove all listings from your search results that you did not check, allowing you to more easily focus on the listings that interest you.

Discard: This works the opposite way as “Narrow.” Click to select any listings that you want to remove from your search results. Click the “Discard” button. The listings you selected will be dropped from your search. After using the “Discard” button, a new button will appear labeled “Un-Discard.” You may click this button to return your discarded listings to your results.