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Matrix: Updates & Bug Fixes 12/06/2022

Here are the latest enhancements and bug fixes in GSMLS Matrix, effective December 6th, 2022.


Auto Email   

The auto email form no longer displays an alert that no “To” email address was specified when saving a new auto email or when converting a saved search into an auto email and selecting the “—more—” option in the list of contacts.


The “Delete” button within contact records for saved searches and auto emails has been moved to the bottom of the page.

Several column headers in the contact list will change to icons when viewing on smaller screen sizes, preventing unnecessary horizontal scrolling.

In the contact’s Details tab, the “Phone” label will not display if a phone number is not included in the contact’s record.

Media Manager

When dragging listing photos to reorder them, the image URL would auto-populate in a photo’s description field if the user “dropped” the photo into the description of another photo. This issue has been fixed.


Clicking an option in the main navigation bar, such as “Search,” when on a responsive page such as Contacts would not display the associated “index” or “summary” page. This issue has been fixed.


All Agent branding fields on the My Information and Portal Profile tabs can now contain up to 200 characters, rather than the previous limit of 60.

To access the fields beneath it more easily the agent photo on the Portal Profile tab of My Information now displays at a smaller size.