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Email History

Description: All emails sent through the Matrix system can be displayed in the Sent Email tab. Sent emails are saved for 90 days and then Matrix automatically clears them from your list.

Step 1:  Click on the My Matrix tab, then click on the Sent Email link.

Step 2:  You may filter between “Direct Emails” and “Auto Emails” by using the Filter drop-down menu in the upper right corner.

Step 3:  Your emails are initially sorted by date in descending order. You may click any blue column header to sort the list by that field. Clicking the header a second time will sort the list in reverse order.

Step 4:  You may access detailed information for each Sent Email by clicking the triangle next to the “Sent” time or the time link itself. Click the Open in Portal button to view the listing(s) as the recipient would in their Portal.

Step 5:  Expanding the details for an Auto Email will allow you to change the “Settings,” revise the “Criteria,” run a full search with “Results,” “Open in Portal,” and even “Delete the Auto Email.”

  1. Settings – Allows you to update Recipient(s), Message, Enable/Disable email, Concierge mode, and Schedule emails
  2. Criteria – Allows you to revise the search Criteria
  3. Results – Allows you to view current listings within search criteria
  4. Open in Portal – Allows you to view Client Portal
  5. Delete Auto Email – Allows you to permanently remove an Auto Email

Step 6:  For Direct Emails, you may click the blue # Listings link in the “Contents” column to view the listings that Matrix sent in that emailing.

Step 7:  Clicking any blue Contact name in the “Recipients” column will display all interactions with that Contact. From here, you may review the contact Details, Auto Emails, Carts, CMA, Sent Emails and more. Click on each section for detailed information.

Step 8:  The Viewed column will show you the last time an email was opened in the portal by the recipient.