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Realist: Update 1/12/2021

Here are the latest Realist updates, available as of 1/12/2022: #

Bug Fixes #

  1. Direct Property Search – error message
    • Issue: When a property search returned no results, users would see an error message.
    • Fixed: Now when a property search returns no records, Realist will display a “No Record Found” message.
  1. Neighborhood profile charts missing
    • Issue: Realist reports were missing neighborhood profile charts.
    • Fixed: Reports now display charts.
  1. : Clients reported instances where incorrect location (counties) names appeared in Realist.
    • Fixed: The correct county/parish names now appear in Realist.
  1. Tax ID did not appear on the property card (parcel card)
    • Issue: Properties’ Tax IDs did not appear in their parcel cards.
    • Fixed: Tax IDs now appear on parcel cards.
  1. When a user tried to ‘Quick Export’ for 3000 search results, they would see an error message
    • Issue: Clients reported errors when attempting to do a quick export for 3,000 search results.
    • Fixed: Realist has fixed this bug to allow for a maximum of 3,000 records.
  1. My Search page does not display fully on mobile devices
    • Issue: Clients reported that the My Search page would not fully display on mobile devices.
    • Fixed: Realist has fixed this issue to ensure correct mobile display.
  1. Realist static detail report text display.
    • Issue: Clients reported incorrect text displays on direct property detail reports.
    • Fixed: Realist has fixed this to ensure that the correct text displays in the appropriate format.