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Matrix: Update 01/17/2023

This article covers the latest changes to your Matrix system effective January 17th, 2023.

Based on requests we have received from you, our customers – Greater Southern MLS has moved two fields from optional to mandatory in the Add/Edit section of your listing input screens. These required fields will both help increase the accuracy of MLS data and make it easier to refine search results to the most applicable listings.

Here are the new mandatory fields and where to find them:

Lot Size Area: Now a required field for both Land and Residential listings.



Year Built: Now a required field for Residential, Residential Income, Residential Lease, and Manufactured in Park.

For more information about adding and editing listings, consult these articles from our Greater Southern MLS Knowledgebase:

How to Add a Listing in Matrix 

How to Copy a Listing in Matrix

For additional MLS support, please visit the Greater Southern MLS Support Page or call our Customer Care team at (877) 760-0173.