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Greater Southern MLS REcenterhub

Greater Southern MLS is excited to introduce you to the new REcenterhub dashboard, set to replace your current dashboard in June of 2023! More than just a standard resource, REcenterhub was created to deliver a personalized user experience while integrating a host of new features and functionality.

The new dashboard in REcenterhub includes all your Greater Southern MLS, association, and broker apps, a Greater Southern MLS notifications inbox, a messages management system, a news article carousel and library, and more. Moreover, the dashboard features personalization options so you can arrange your dashboard the way you like it.

This guide will introduce you to the features, functions, and personalization options of your new dashboard within REcenterhub.

How to access your REcenterhub dashboard #

From the Greater Southern MLS Homepage click on the MLS LOGIN Button, or log into the MLS from your Association’s website as you always have. Enter your MLS username and password and click Login to access your new REcenterhub Dashboard.

Save Passwords #

Your browser, mobile device, or password manager can remember your password to conveniently log you in.

The REcenterhub Dashboard

System Messages Center #

The System Messages Center contains all the alerts and messages that are sent by Greater Southern MLS. All alerts are noticeably projected onto your dashboard and stored in the System Messages Center, located in the top right corner of your dashboard.

These color-coded alerts may relay system-wide outages, vendor updates, announcements, or new information. New alerts are visibly displayed with a red badge on the System Messages Center icon (the bell icon located in the upper right corner).

Click on the bell icon to open your inbox and access each of these functions:

  1. Clear alert with the “X” button (function is also available on the dashboard)
  2. Search
  3. Select an alert status
  4. Sort
  5. Mark alerts as read/unread

Alerts will be delivered in three methods: 

  • Modal alert: You must acknowledge you have seen the alert
  • Dashboard alert: Usually color-coded and located at the top of the screen
  • EULA: This message will show the newest end-user license agreement (EULA) and require your electronic signature and acknowledgement

Notifications Center #

Next to the System Messages Center is the Notifications Center. All email communications are conveniently located here so users can better engage with Greater Southern MLS communications (eConnects, training, updates, vendor changes, etc.). New emails are visibly displayed with a red badge on the “Notifications Center” icon (the envelope icon in the top right).

Click on the envelope icon to open your inbox and access these functions:

  1. Search
  2. Select by category
  3. Sort
  4. Mark communications as read/unread
  5. Archive

Logout #

To log out of your dashboard, click on your name in the top right corner, and click Logout.

Personalize your dashboard #

Now that you have an understanding of the basic features, it’s time to customize your new user experience. To enter the dashboard customization menu, click on the gear icon on the top right corner of the page. Here you can rearrange segments of the dashboard or remove them entirely from the view.

In the new window, click, hold, drag, and drop to rearrange the order of the segments.

Click on the eye icon to hide segments.

Click on the sun icon to change the theme appearance of your dashboard.

Greater Southern MLS Resources, Association, Broker and Product Apps #

Accessing your MLS system and Greater Southern MLS resources are some of the most important interactions you have with Greater Southern MLS. To view all available systems and products, click the dashboard/plus icon in this section.

Your MLS system icon will be in the first position and highlighted on your dashboard by default.

From the quick launch area, click the star icon under a product icon to indicate it as a favorite and save it on your dashboard. Click the star icon again to remove it as a favorite and from your dashboard.

Once the icons are placed on the dashboard, you will be able to drag and drop them to rearrange them to your preference.

If you prefer a smaller view of the product and system icons without text, click on the dashboard icon that displays the message “Change View”.

Icons can also be arranged to your preference in this view.

Note: Use the “Manage” + sign and “Change View” dashboard sign that appear in other sections of the dashboard to personalize those areas. 

News and Articles Section #

The real estate industry is a time-sensitive and quickly changing environment, so Greater Southern MLS wants to provide our users with the latest information and up-to-date news. We’ve created an article carousel where you can easily find and run through the various articles being highlighted. News is anything and everything from marketing updates, training classes/events, compliance news, and the latest industry developments. Click on an article for more details.

When you click on the “Manage Article” icon you can:

  1. Click the “Go Back” button to return to the homepage
  2. Use the Search box to search by title, summary, or content to find other articles
  3. Click the Select Category box to refine articles
  4. Filter by Favorites
  5. Click the star icon to mark favorite articles
  6. Click on the “More…” button for more details

Additional Greater Southern MLS Hubs #

The left-hand navigation panel includes the Quick Links section which allows for convenient access to different Greater Southern MLS departments and resources.

Click on the three line icon button in the top left corner to condense the navigation panel. Click it again to expand.

Forgot or Change Password

Users can easily reset their passwords by going to the top right menu under their username. If a user forgets their password, they can enter their User ID and click the forgot password link. This will generate an automated email allowing them to reset a new password (you cannot use the same password that you had). If a user forgets their User ID, they must contact their Association or call Greater Southern MLS Customer Care Department (CCD) 877.760.0173.

Forgot Password #

  • From the login screen click Forgot Password
  • Enter User ID and click the Send password reset email button
  • “Password Reset Email Sent” confirmation will display
  • Go to email, and click on Reset Password
  • Create new password, confirm itand click the Reset Password button
    • Password Requirements:
      • One capital
      • One lowercase
      • One number
      • One special character
      • At least 8 characters long
        • Passwords are case sensitive 
  • Success, the password has been changed and email confirmation sent

Change Password #

  • Click on your name in the top right corner
  • Select Change Password
  • Create new password, confirm it and click the Change Password button
    • Password Requirements:
      • One capital
      • One lowercase
      • One number
      • One special character
      • At least 8 characters long
        • Passwords are case sensitive 
  • Success, your password has been changed and email confirmation sent

New User Log In #

  • Click on Register Here from your “Welcome to REcenterhub” email
  • Enter a new password, confirm, and click Create Password
    • Password Requirements:
      • One capital
      • One lowercase
      • One number
      • One special character
      • At least 8 characters long
        • Passwords are case sensitive 
  • Read the entire End User License Agreement (EULA)
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and type your name in the signature box as displayed, using upper and lower case letters
  • Click on Accept EULA Agreement 
  • Your new REcenterhub dashboard will display

New User – Lost Welcome Email #

If you cannot see your new user email in your inbox, start by checking your junk/spam folders and ensuring your agent email address is correct. If you still cannot find it, either:

  • Your AOR can issue and email your new username (ID)


  • Contact your AOR or Greater Southern MLS Customer Care Department (CCD) at 877.760.0173 so that they can request the new user email to be resent

REcenterhub Videos #