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Matrix: Update Bug Fixes 03/08/2022

The Greater Southern MLS Matrix system will update with these bug fixes effective Tuesday, March 8, 2022.

360 CMA #

  • The “Find More Comparables” search now accepts the updates you make to a value it previously ignored. The value, X in “within X miles of the subject property,” determines how far away from the subject property you want to search for comparable listings.

Add/Edit #

  • On the screen you use to manage listing images, photos with embedded orientation data no longer overlap the description field.

Concierge        #

  • We have fixed an issue where links to the full display in the Concierge Approvals Map popup would not work.

Contacts  #

  • When you select a contact who has an active auto email and set the contact to “Inactive,” the system appears to accept the change when in fact it still lists the contact as active. If you try to deactivate a contact before deactivating their auto emails, you will now see a message explaining what will happen if you go through with this action.
  • Using the previous/next controls to navigate from one contact’s details page to another no longer results in the new screen jumping to the bottom of the page after loading.
  • Editing a contact from either the Send Email or Create Auto Email page pages no longer triggers an error when you try to edit a contact with multiple email addresses.

Email       #

  • When you send an email or auto email to multiple recipients, the system will now show you any validation warnings one recipient at a time. This lets you fix each individual error quickly and move from one recipient to the next with one click.

User Experience (UX)/User Interface (UI) #

  • To improve the system’s accessibility, we’ve increased the default text size on navigation menus and all new UI-responsive pages.
  • When the browser window is too narrow to display all the items in the main navigation bar, options on the right side of the bar collapse into a “More” option. This ensures that the navigation bar never exceeds the width of the window.
  • On mobile devices, pages with a “hamburger” or three-vertical-line navigation menu (like Contacts) now allow you to scroll to the bottom of the menu, even when the menu exceeds your phone’s screen height.
  • When the browser window is so narrow that the navigation bar collapses into a “hamburger” or three-vertical-line menu, the MLS logo now similarly shrinks in size. This allows the window to display more content.